Text Hope for 24 Hour Crisis Support

We are excited to announce the launch of the Chasing the Stigma Crisis Messenger service, a 24/7 text messaging service to provide support and help to those most in need.

By texting HOPE to 85258, you will be connected to a trained volunteer and can have a text conversation discussing what you’re worried, upset or troubled by. The texts are free and will not appear on your phone bill.

The service, which sees Chasing the Stigma work in partnership with Crisis Text Line provides a crucial lifeline to help more people than ever before reach out, without fear of retribution, embarrassment or exposure.

Chasing the Stigma exists to help those in need and remove the stigma from mental health. We believe that mental health discussions should be humanised to enable more people to reach out and talk about their problems. This new service shows that there is always someone willing to listen and help, and we hope that this could help people onto the path of recovery, and even save lives.

Jake Mills, the founder of Chasing the Stigma, the Hub of Hope and Ambassador of Hope training programme, said “During this turbulent time for mental health services — in which those seeking help face waiting months on waiting lists or struggle to get a GP appointment to discuss their situation in the first place— this crisis line will offer a much-needed lifeline for those who feel they have nowhere else to turn”.

We hope as many people as possible will take advantage of this new service offered by Chasing the Stigma, and we can continue our quest to make mental health conversations more accessible, discussable and open.