Prominent Mental Health Campaigners Become ‘Ambassadors of Hope’

An influential group of mental health speakers and campaigners are the latest to become Ambassadors of Hope after the ‘Speaker’s Collective’ took part in Chasing the Stigma’s accredited training programme.

The recently formed group, founded by prominent campaigners Jonny Benjamin MBE and Natasha Devon MBE, brings together some of the country’s most influential figures to join forces for shared experiences and best practices.

Chasing the Stigma founder, Jake Mills and Trustee Angela Samata both form part of the group which also includes leading figures such as Hope Virgo, Jon Salmon and Jo Love.

Speaking about the training, Natasha Devon MBE said “So many of us suspect someone in our lives, whether it’s a colleague, friend or family member, is struggling with their mental health. But because mental ill health is unseeable and relatively unknown, we fear ‘making it worse’ and often avoid having important conversations.

The Ambassador of Hope training gives you a protocol to follow, let’s you know where your role begins and ends and is the confidence to enter into what can be lifesaving dialogues.”

Jake Mills commented “This is a really important group of people who are sharing such personal, inspirational and important stories to thousands across the country.

“Having them on board as Ambassadors of Hope is vital for our cause and we are really pleased to have them share our message and the message of hope for others.

“I am proud to be part of the Speakers Collective and look forward to the work we are able to collaborate on in the future.”

For more info on the Speakers Collective, you can visit their website here.

To find out how you can become an Ambassador of Hope, visit our page or email