Hub of Hope to be included on The Independent’s mental health stories

We are very happy to announce that the Hub of Hope will be signposted to in the sign-off on all stories relating to mental health and suicide on the Independent website.

The Hub of Hope offers users the opportunity to enter their postcode or location to find relevant services near them. This is great news, as any readers who are affected by a story will be provided with a link at the end of all relevant stories to access help if they require it.

A link to the site and a short description will appear alongside traditional signposting to the Samaritans

Jake Mills, founder of Chasing the Stigma, the Hub of Hope and Ambassador of Hope training programme, said: “We are delighted to have the Independent link to the Hub of Hope at the end of all relevant stories. It is so important that readers are able to access help if they are affected by the content of a story, and this provides a lifeline to those who want to find services near them.”

“In addition, as the site has a ‘Talk Now’ option, those in crisis will be able to speak to someone about how they are feeling, and hopefully get the immediate support that they require at that time.” 

“We hope to engage with other publications in the near future to help reach more people than ever before who are in need of mental health assistance.”