Hub of Hope included on NHS Southern Health’s LIFE cards

NHS Southern Health Foundation Trust has today launched a new initiative called LIFE card — a credit card sized card which has emergency contacts on to give to an individual who is having a mental health crisis or is suicidal.

The Hub of Hope is one of the services listed on the card, and we are so happy that the Trust has decided to include a link to our app and database to help prevent suicide and help those in crisis.

The Trust’s campaign, Every Life Matters, aims to make suicide prevention more accessible, which is why the card can discreetly fit into a purse or wallet, and can be handed out to those who need it.

They are also hoping to roll the cards out to all paramedics, police and local fire brigades, with the aim of having them available across universities, schools and the Coastguard in the near future. 

The LIFE card is currently available in all local hospitals within Hampshire, and can be used nationally. If you would like to obtain the cards to hand out, then please click here.