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Here are the companies we are training to prevent suicide and provide mental health support this year

It’s been a busy year for us here at Chasing the Stigma. Not only has our online mental health database, the Hub of Hope, become the most comprehensive national directory of mental health services in the country, with over 140,000 unique users visiting the site for support, we have rapidly expanded our Ambassador of Hope training programme.

The programme — which is a fully accredited, 20 minute training session — aims to dispel the myths surrounding mental health within the workplace, and train staff to be able to respond appropriately to a fellow staffer or customer/service user suffering from a mental health issue, and be able to signpost them to the correct service. 

There is also training on how to assist someone who is experiencing a mental health crisis, signposting them to more rapid services such as the Emergency Services or the Samaritans.  

It’s not complicated — it just provides people with the information that they need to help others. And we have found that the more information people are privy to, the more likely they are to be able to access services, seek help and avoid serious deterioration.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world or society, and waiting lists to access services remain long, with some falling at the first hurdle because the pathway towards treatment is often paved with so many obstacles that it seems fruitless to carry on. 

By training people on the ground to signpost to EVERY service available, it increases people’s chances of receiving appropriate treatment. 

And this World Suicide Prevention Day, we would like to celebrate the companies who have undertaken our Ambassador of Hope training programme with enthusiasm and vigour. They are actively working to make their workplaces a safe space for staff, customers and users. 

By getting emergency help for a colleague, service user or customer who approaches the Ambassador for help, these staff on the ground are tackling and preventing suicide every day. Even by just being a person who someone can go to talk to, they are showing that sufferers are not alone.

So a big thanks to the following companies for working with us to make workplaces better and more safe environments for all.

The Regenda Group

Everton Football Club

The Premier League

Disclosure and Barring Service

Liverpool City Council


System Group


Edge Hill University 

Associates of Cape Cod 

Alive Fitness

Radio City 

Professional Liverpool

Liverpool Football Club Foundation 

Cruise 118

Ad Focus