App Launch Brings Hope one step closer

It is with great delight the Hub of Hope is now available as a download on iOS devices.

The app, which is free to download, means that the Hub of Hope can be easier to access and make help that bit easier to find.

The app was created by creative partners, Mashbo, who also built the Hub of Hope website. The iOS app is the first to be launches, with the Android app launching early May.

CTS Founder and CEO, Jake Mills, said “After we launched the Hub of Hope, we were inundated with messages of support from people who not only were using finding the Hub really useful.”

“But I was often being asked whether it was available as a downloadable app. I am delighted to say that we were able to use money from donations we have received to put towards the app development and make the Hub of Hope available as a free download.”

“I think it is important to have as many people as possible download it and have it there, even if you think you may never need it, nobody knows when there might come a time when it could come in handy.”