1 in 3 people still don’t know who to contact during a mental health crisis

A new study carried out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has found that mental health services are getting worse across the country.

Half of patients who have been in contact with NHS mental health services said they did not feel sufficiently cared for.

The report showed that over the past five years, patients have become increasingly dissatisfied with the time they are allocated with a professional and the actual advice they received.

Worryingly, 31% of respondents didn’t know who to contact in a mental health crisis during NHS out of hours, and 20% of those who did not know who to contact but reached out to a service said they didn’t receive the help that they needed.

There was also concern about the time spent with a professional, with 43% of people saying they felt they didn’t have enough time to discuss their needs and a treatment plan. In addition, 48% of respondents revealed that the person they saw was not completely aware of their treatment history, and 23% of people were not involved in agreeing their own treatment plan.

Jake Mills, founder of Chasing the Stigma, the Hub of Hope and Ambassador of Hope training programme, said: “This new report from the CQC is concerning to us for a number of reasons, but primarily we are concerned that people still do not know where to access relevant help in a crisis during out of hours”.

“We set up the Hub of Hope for this specific reason — to help individuals find local and relevant mental health services near them. We have made the platform as easy to use as possible, and it also includes a Talk Now option for those who are in crisis and require emergency help. We have also partnered with Shout and Crisis Text Line to set up a crisis text service”.

“While we can signpost people effectively to local services near them, we need more people than ever to be aware that the Hub of Hope exists! We hope more people than ever will share this tool with those who are struggling, and hopefully more people can access treatment. We also encourage organisations to register their details with us so their services are listed”.

“However, more needs to be done by local CCGs, local government and central government to ensure that NHS out of hours services are signposted to more openly in the public sphere, so that people are not left adrift during a crisis”. 

If you are struggling, visit the Hub of Hope (www.hubofhope.co.uk) or text HOPE to 85258. If you are an organisation that offers mental health support and treatment, then please register your details with us for FREE, here