The Ambassadors of Hope programme is Chasing the Stigma’s accessible mental health training.

Available to individuals and businesses large and small, the training focuses on how to talk about mental health, how to effectively signpost those who need help to appropriate support and how to deal with a mental health crisis.

Chasing the Stigma is a charity that has been founded on lived experiences of mental health issues, dealing with mental illness and living with positive mental health. We have listened, we have learnt and we have vowed to take action.

Becoming an Ambassador of Hope

Working with Ofqual regulated Open Awards, we have developed a fully accredited ‘Ambassador of Hope’ programme which offers training about wellbeing awareness and accessible and practical pathways to help yourself and others in relation to mental health.

We have designed this programme with one question in mind: “If somebody came to you asking for help with mental health, would you know what to do?”

We hope, after becoming an Ambassador of Hope, the answer will resoundingly be “yes”.

Our objective is not to turn you into mental health experts, it’s to empower you and your colleagues to have effective, confident conversations about mental health, removing stigma and signposting those who need help to support.

What Does Mental Health Training Involve?

Our training is accessible to all and comes in the format of a twenty minute session. This means we get straight to the point without taking too much of your time. We can deliver the training on a one to one basis or to a room of a thousand.

Our training, which has been awarded the Open Awards Badge of Excellence, offers a full accreditation to all participants and is focused on three key areas:

How to talk to somebody about their mental health, with a focus on the language to use

How to properly and effectively signpost to relevant help, using the Hub of Hope

Crisis management and next steps if signposting isn’t appropriate

All participants will receive a certificate confirming their Ambassador of Hope accreditation as well as an Ambassador of Hope pin badge, which will offer the most comforting of messages to people in mental distress, without a word being spoken.

You can speak to me.

What’s The Cost?

We want to make sure everybody gets the most out of the Ambassador of Hope training programme, whether you’re an individual, SME or large enterprise. Just get in touch and we will help to create a bespoke package based on your specific needs and budget.

To request more details, simply contact us using the form below or email us at