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Chasing The Stigma is a Mental Health Charity (Register Charity No 1170757) which aims to normalise and humanise Mental Illness.


The fear of being judged is preventing many people from disclosing their illnesses. At Chasing the Stigma we want to help remove that fear. By using our own first-hand experiences of dealing with mental illness we can say ‘I have suffered. I got through it and you can too’. As a charity we will collaborate with the ‘big’ national charities as well as the smaller regional ones too. We want to bring everyone together in a ‘Hub of Hope’; a place to go to find out what support is around you, wherever you are in the country. A place where you can go and know you’re not alone. By creating a community of real people who have faced real problems, we can offer genuine hope to those who need it the most. Whether you are a support group, a concerned friend or someone who is dealing with a mental illness, Chasing the Stigma is here for you.

But first, we need your help. Before we can tell people about you, you have to tell us about yourselves. Whether big or small, if you are based in the UK and offer mental health support of any kind, let us know. Fill in the form on our contact page and let us tell everybody about you.


You can watch our short video of our story so far here.